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The Helping Hands Fund was established to help employees offset expenses in cases of an unexpected and catastrophic life event in which they are facing financial hardship where all other sources of funding have been exhausted.


Qualifying emergencies do not include circumstances that involve providing assistance to pay for debt consolidation, litigation, poor financial planning, non-essential items (e.g., cable TV, credit card payments, etc.), bail, garnishments, or other expenses deriving from non-emergency situations. 

HHF Eligibility requirements:

  • I am an active employee of Howley Bread Group, Ltd. and have worked for at least 90 days of continued employment.

  • I have exhausted all other appropriate means of assistance.

  • The hardship 

    • Is unexpected and beyond my control

    • Is damaging to property or individuals, results in a loss of life, health or property.

Thanks! Message sent.

PLEASE READ: By submitting this information, I certify that all is true and correct. I understand that submitting this application does not guarantee that funds will be granted.

Please specify if

1. you have previously applied for the Helping Hands Fund? If so, when? 

2. you give permission for the HHF administrator to contact your GM in cases where they can provide information to support and expedite the processing of your application. Note: the HHF administrator would only contact your GM in specific cases where speaking to them would benefit the process.


The HHF Admin will contact you to confirm receipt of your application and to ensure they have all the necessary documents. If funding is approved, a check will be sent to you directly unless you specify you want it sent to your cafe (except in situations involving grants for funeral home, in which the check will be distributed directly to the funeral home).

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