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Mike Tellier

Bakery Market Manager

Mike oversees the training and promoting within the baking team, a role which is punctuated by the development of both self and team. Through leadership and support we must identify those who want to be more than a baker; they want to train, to mold new bakers into the artisan experts we require. We maintain the highest standard of product quality through training to ensure every guest has an extraordinary Panera experience. Mike has been with Panera Bread since 2004 and is a self-taught from scratch baker. Work ethic, loyalty, dedication, and effectiveness can all be traced to those days learning the trade and honing skills under the guidance of his dad. Now a father himself, he hopes to nurture his children in the same way, with love and a respect for hard, honest work, which in and of itself is a personal reward. He will always have a loaf of bread in every arm, or a soft roll at least.

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Anne Marie Hearl 

Bakery Market Manager

Originally from Long Island, Anny is the Bakery Market manager for our Connecticut market. She has been with Panera for over a decade helping to provide a warm and inviting experience for our guests through our delicious bread and sweets. Anny enjoys playing games and painting during her down time. 


Mike Scheidel

Director of Training

Mike provides leadership in training and people development at all levels of the company. The HBG team is always looking to foster future leadership from within our current ranks, from associate to managers and general managers and beyond. He implements new product initiatives throughout the year, and creates and facilitates training and classes that support operations, always looking for new ways to elevate the team. The idea of growth from within is a personal one. Mike joined Panera Bread in 2002 and has since worked has a manager, a GM & Managing Partner, and Director of Baking Operations before becoming the Director of Training. Mike has been in food service for over 25 year including his time serving in the Marine Corp. He loves playing hockey, puttering around the yard and spending time with his wife.

Liz Headshot 3.jpg

Elizabeth D'Uva

Catering Sales and Marketing Manager

Elizabeth manages the Catering Sales Team and the Marketing Dept. Elizabeth is also responsible for maintaining catering revenue objectives through new business acquisition and an existing client base. She handles marketing donation partners, fundraisers and Day-End Dough-Nations.
Prior to HBG, she worked in hospitality, sales and event coordination. She enjoys yoga, playing the drums, cooking for her family and is an avid music enthusiast. 


Dylan Avery

Human Resources Manager

Dylan manages the Human Resource department and joins the team with the experience and perspective of a cafe operator, having joined HBG back in 2020 starting as an AGM after working for Panera Corporate in the years prior and quickly working his way up to GM all within the Enfield cafe. He is dedicated and passionate about people development and provides strength and HR support for all cafes. Prior to HBG, Dylan worked within the restaurants at Disneyland California Adventure, really starting his professional career off strong. He enjoys ceramics, kayaking and adventuring with his wife, two cats and two dogs during his down time.

Frank Wright_edited_edited.jpg

Frank Wright

Network Field Technician

With 20 years of experience in Restaurant/entertainment IT, Frank is a seasoned Network Field Technician with a proven track record of delivering exceptional service.  He possesses a deep understanding of network infrastructure, troubleshooting, and deployment, ensuring smooth operations for even the most demanding entertainment
Environments. When not tackling technical challenges, Frank enjoys fishing and the thrill of outrigger canoeing.

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